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愛知の大学でデザインやアートを学び卒業後、東京のクリエイティブ・プロダクション blanc に就職。2006年からの5年間、キヤノンマーケティングジャパンや、楽天株式会社など、大手クライアントのweb制作を担当しながら広告やキャンペーンについて学ぶ。

2011年に渡英、Londonにて日本の顧客向けオンラインショップに就職。サイトデザイン、企画・運営、カスタマーサービス、バイヤー業務から発送まで、一通りを覚える。フリーランスのwebデザイナーもしながら、現地のクリエイティブな仲間とともに深い時間を過ごす。ミュージックビデオの衣装制作、インテリアコーディネーターとアンティーク家具の買い付け、フォトグラファーのアシスタント、翻訳、等 様々な経験をする。
2013年抱えきれないほどの思い出とともに帰国。東京にてソフトウエア開発のDigitalstage Inc に就職。主にwebデザイン用ソフトウエアのテンプレートデザインとディレクションを行いながら、動画編集やメール配信のソフトウエアの開発にも関りUI/UXデザインを学ぶ。

2002– 2006 Aichi Sangyo Univercity
Bachelor in Art and Design (Graphic Design) 
In 2005 (as a part of the 2005 Aichi Expo) I was the Art director and Designer for the "Making things that gives hope to the Disabled" Civil Pavilion booth.

Relevant Experience
2006 – 2011 Tokyo : blanc Inc. - creative production (Web designer)
For 5 years, I have been in charge of designing web sites for Canon compact digital cameras and promotion campaigns in a wide range of fields on the Rakuten web site, from marketing campaign to job-placement SNS for new graduates. Major clients include Suntory, Konica Minolta Japan, Kewpie Corporation, Korea Tourism Organization, and Sharp Corporation.
Responsibilities include:
•Participating all stages of production from planning to final execution
• Layout and design of advertisements with attention to details
• Capable of using HTML and CSS
• Software skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Microsoft office
• Computer literate (Mac Operating System and Microsoft Windows )

2011 – 2013 London : Lofty U.K. - online shop for clothing (Online-shop Manager)
Designed, operated the one online-shop. Also I was responsible for customers service as well.
At the same time, I was a freelance Web designer / Graphic designer. 
2013 – 2016 Tokyo : Digitalstage Inc. - software production (Designer, Director)
Mainly I did web sites templates directions and designs. And software UI/UX design, news letters, product logos goods etc.
Since 2017 Tours Freelance 
Tours France based, working as freelance while studying French.

Languages and other skills
• Native Japanese speaker
• Good command of English
• French DELF A2 (Conversational)
• Can fit in any working environment
• Can work well with a team as well as individually
• Creative thinker and fast learner
• Adaptable to differing and varied situations

I am very interested in photography, especially film cameras.
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